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We understands that a large part of our Astoria Investor Forum's success is due to the support of its sponsors and loyal attendees of Japanese institutional investors. Sponsors engage the institutional investor community, including financial institutional investors who invest on their own, and pension investor community who require professional support from fiduciary agents such as asset management companies or trust banks in Japan, by guiding discussion topics, influencing agendas, or building their own LP workshops from scratch.


The Astoria Investor Forum provides with our sponsors to Access the professionals they need to Influence while receiving measurable Results.



Contact Astoria to Discuss Sponsorship

Mailto :apef_admin@astoriacg.com


9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Sponsoring US

  1. Access. Astoria Investor Forum is a who’s who event of Japanese LPs with special emphasis on private equity and yield producing alternative assets.
  2. Get Your Message Heard by Key Individuals. Speakers deliver messages to the key individuals, senior investment directors, CIOs at pension funds and their fiduciary agents, at the conference.
  3. Results. Sponsors can choose their audience, set the topic, influence the agendas, choose event format, and get timely, relevant and direct feedback from attendees.
  4. Unparalleled Reputation. Astoria has built a rock-solid reputation for providing contents and programs that are highly educational to Japanese LP community since 2002.
  5. Efficient and Cost-Effective. At a fraction of cost for doing things on your own – you can establish your objectives with your target audience through our conference. An example, for less than the cost of a single 1-page ad in a trade magazine, you can take the Platinum sponsorship option to own a workshop session, which is the equivalent of a keynote address in other conferences.
  6. Branding. Build your brand by participating in our educational conference programs, and having direct conversation with our LP audience.
  7. Involvement. Companies who sponsor Astoria Investor Forum are broadcasting their association and commitment to the local institutional investor community, and claiming a leadership role in the ecosystem.
  8. Expect the Unexpected. We're not just an event manager who sometimes do investor conferences, we are an investment research firm with a strong educational focus at our conferences. Astoria can assist your business development in Japan.
  9. Connect, Communicate, and Engage. Meeting in person as a speaker/sponsor is so much more effective than being an attending as a delegate.